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Choosing a Basketball Hoop


Goalsetter Wall-Mounted Hoops are the best choice for limited space, where a ground pole might not be an option.  You may also choose a Wall-Mount for an indoor structure to add an activity to your home or business all year round.  Consider the size of the area you have available and the age of the players expected to use the system in order to get the best fit.

Choose a Goalsetter Wall-Mounted Hoop from the options below for the highest quality hoop for you.


72” x 42”  72” boards are our most popular for inside wall mount installations.   The 72” board is an excellent choice for competitive play and former high school or college athletes.

  • The official, regulation size used in high school, college, and NBA competition.
  • The best option for a large backyard court or a 3-car garage driveway.
  • Approved for residential, commercial, and institutional installations.

60” x 38” -  The 60” board system is the best choice for recreational players of all age and skill level.  It is the best of both worlds, with the durability for the competitive player and the slightly smaller size that will help even the youngest of players.

  • Backboard response and play identical to the 72” equivalent.
  • Perfect for a 2-car garage driveway or smaller backyard court.
  • Approved for residential, commercial, and institutional installations.

54” x 36” - The 54” wall mount is best for young children and casual play.   This will be great for the family for long hours of fun. We recommend upgrading to larger system as the family grows and skills develop.

  • Same great backboard ball response and durability as its larger systems,, the 60” and 72”.
  • Prime choice for a 1-car driveway or small court
  • Approved for residential, commercial, and institutional installations.

48” x 32” - The 42” wall mount system provides unlimited quality time for your family, at a lower cost than any other competitive goal system.

  • Consistent ball response and durability, just like the 54”, 60” and 72”.
  • Limited to a 1-car driveway or small court
  • Approved for residential installations only.


There are 2 main things to consider:

  1. How much space do you have?
  2. Who will be using the court?


Do you have a driveway with 1, 2 or 3 car garage?  Do you have a dedicated court for practice and play?  The play area will directly determine which system will work best for you.

The larger the play area, the larger system you can choose.

You can use our guide below to decide if the 72”, 60” 54”, or 48” hoop is right for you.
    • Large, 3-car driveway or court – We recommend a  72” or 60” width backboard.
    • Smaller, 2-car driveway or court – We prefer a 60” or 54” width backboard.
    • 1-car driveway or small court – The 54” or 48” width backboard should be your best fit.


The skill level of the players using the basketball hoop will determine the size of backboard you need for your court. All of our boards will have “Competition-Grade” ball response, so you know even our smaller boards will help train you to be the best!  

We have two board surfaces - Tempered Glass & Acrylic.
We typically recommend tempered glass backboards for residential courts and acrylic for institutional or commercial installations.

72” - The 72” backboard will give you the “real feel” of competitive play.  We recommend this for high level athletes or anyone training to get to the next level.  The 72” is the size used in high school, college and professional courts.
60” - The 60” is the most common size for a home court installation.  This will hold up for competitive players, as well as recreational players or families looking to add to their outdoor activities. 
54” - We recommend the 54” board for young players just getting started in their basketball training.  As their skill improves, this board can be replaced with a larger target.
48” - We usually advise to get the 48” hoop to get the best quality in a small space.  The board will be great for time with family or friends, while still enjoying the elements of the larger boards.



  • Adjustability:
    • Offset Pole aka The Signature Series -
      • Rim height can be adjusted from 6’ to 10’. The offset pole also enables the height adjustment mechanism (the patented Goalsetter Compression Jack) to be located inside the pole. The internal Compression Height Adjustment is unique to Goalsetter. This protects the mechanism from weather and vandalism, and eliminates exposed pinch and grab points, increasing the safety of the system. This offers less vibration in play, with the hidden jack system.
    • Straight Pole aka The Extreme Series -
      • This system can be adjusted from  6’ 8” to 10’. The durable height adjustment mechanism is attached to the outside of the pole. Goalsetter hardware is coated with Magni 577, a black, UV stable, zinc and aluminum rich finish used by automakers and NASA for products exposed to environmental extremes. 
  • Goalsetter is the only system to use a Hinged Ground-Anchor. The Ground Anchor is made of 7-gauge (3/16” thick) structural steel which is embedded in concrete, giving a solid foundation for performance and durability.
  • Made in the USA!  All components of every Goalsetter basketball hoop are made in the U.S.A.  These high caliber components will accommodate any budget who is looking for a quality outdoor system.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Signature and Extreme Series - Covers normal play and manufacturer defects, including dunking *with proper installation.


  • Goalrilla is the only system with Three-Point Technology. 
    • This delivers unwavering strength of a 1 piece pole, with the adjustability you want in your backyard system
      • A 1-piece main pole bolted to an in-ground anchor creates the foundation.
      • Dual extension arms attach to the main pole and enable internal board arm mounting for less vibration.
      • The Triple-Joint Connection of the two creates full surface area contact for unmatched rigidity.
  • Goalrilla uses an anchor bolt-mounting system, which makes for easy installation.
  • This can be adjusted from 7.5’-10’ for competitive play.
    • Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Dream Bigger with Goalrilla 


     If you have any questions or would like help with your decision, please contact our service team and we would love to help you out!

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