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  • Assist: When a player passes the ball to a teammate who immediately scores a basket.


  • Backboard: The rectangular board behind the rim that helps guide the ball into the basket.
  • Ball Handler: The player who is in possession of the basketball and responsible for initiating offensive plays.
  • Block: When a defender deflects or stops a shot attempt by an opposing player.
  • Box Out: Positioning oneself between an opponent and the basket to gain better rebounding position.
  • Buzzer Beater: A shot made just before the game clock expires, often resulting in a dramatic finish.


  • Dribble: The act of bouncing the ball with one hand while moving.


  • Fast Break: An offensive strategy where the team quickly advances the ball up the court to create scoring opportunities before the defense has a chance to set up.
  • Foul: A violation committed by a player that results in a penalty or free throws for the opposing team.
  • Free Throw: An uncontested shot taken from the free-throw line as a result of a foul. Worth one point.


  • Jump Ball: A method used to start the game or resolve a tie-up situation, where the referee throws the ball up between two opposing players who attempt to gain possession.


  • Layup: A close-range shot where a player uses one hand to release the ball off the backboard and into the basket.


  • Man-to-Man Defense: A defensive strategy where each player guards a specific opponent.


  • Outlet Pass: A long pass thrown by a rebounder to initiate a fast break.


  • Pick-and-Roll: An offensive play where a teammate sets a screen for the ball handler, who then uses the screen to create scoring opportunities.


  • Rebound: The act of gaining possession of the basketball after a missed shot.


  • Steal: When a defensive player legally takes the ball away from an opponent.


  • Three-Pointer: A shot made from behind the three-point line, worth three points.
  • Turnover: When an offensive player loses possession of the ball without attempting a shot, resulting in a change of possession.


  • Zone Defense: A defensive strategy where players are responsible for guarding specific areas instead of individual opponents.


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